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Trumpet Voices
Classics for Trumpet Ensemble
Four Winds

I have always loved trumpet ensemble music. I enjoy performing and teaching the genre as well. Despite the fact that there is great music written for trumpet ensemble, it remains a neglected part of the trumpet repertoire. So, when Four Winds asked me to make a recording, it seemed like the logical choice.

When I go to a concert I enjoy programs that have an eclectic blend of music. I wanted this disc to offer the same kind of approach. It was then simply a matter of going through the literature and finding pieces from different eras that I liked. In addition, there was some music I heard along the road that was really beautiful that I thought could work in an arrangement for trumpet ensemble (the Ivan Moody piece, for example). I also believe that if we involve technology more with our concerts, we might be able to engage a wider audience for classical music, Through recording (and in the case of the Dannenberg, computer) technology, I’m able to play all the trumpet parts on this disc. I hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as we enjoyed making it. — Neal Berntsen

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The Ancient Call (Calligraphy No. 13)
Reza Vali, Composer
Neal Berntsen, Microtonal Trumpet

Brevard Chamber Orchestra; Keith Lockhart, Conductor

Albany Records


Neal Berntsen with students following the world premier of Reza Vali’s THE ANCIENT CALL

Denis Colwell (Head CMU School of Music) Reza Vali (composer), Neal Berntsen and Keith Lockheart (conductor) at world premier rehearsal for THE ANCIENT CALL


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